Meet Tiberius, our seal bicolor King! Tiberius comes to us from Australia and is a 100% Original Ragdoll that is fully traceable to Ann Baker's original cats she started the Ragdoll breed with. He has a wonderful loving personality,  beautiful boning, stunning blue eyes, and a soft bunny-like coat. We are excited to see his kittens in the near future!

Meet Tiramisu, our seal mitted girl. Tiramisu has deep blue eyes, long and luxurious fur with stunning coloring, and an outgoing personality! Tiramisu has an Australian pedigree with 88.9% traceable to Ann Baker's original cats she started the Ragdoll breed with. 

Castiel Sinatra

Ragdoll HCM: N/N

Meet our Castiel Sinatra, our lilac bicolor King! Castiel has a wonderful loving personality, a soft bunny-like coat, and exceptional markings, all of which he has passed on to his kittens! Castiel has a wonderful pedigree with lineage from Germany! 


King Theodin 

Ragdoll HCM: N/N

Our Kings

Our Queens

Ragdoll HCM: N/N

Meet King Theodin, our upcoming blue mitted King! Theodin comes to us from Tuftytoes Cattery and is a fully traceable  Ragdoll  to Ann Baker's original cats. He has a such a loving, snuggly personality,  perfect markings, stunning blue eyes, and very soft fur. We  cannot wait to see what a wonderful father he is, and the beautiful kittens from his future breedings!

Ragdoll HCM: N/N

Old Dominion Rags

Recette Detiramisu

Ragdoll HCM: N/N

Meet Amara Grace, our blue point upcoming Queen. Amara has stunning blue eyes, long and luxurious fur that is like our Kings: bunny soft! Amara has an outgoing personality who likes to be with us everywhere we go in the home. 

Amara Grace